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Project Description
IL2 Stats DB is a free DB Schema used to store the data parsed by the IL2 Log Parser.

Source Code

You can browse the source code via the

Web or use git to clone the source repository.
git clone

How To Install

These scripts will create a database that can be used to create and track the stats using the SQL created by the IL2LogParser.

Steps to Instal
  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Create a new database, IL2Stats
  3. Run the SQL in the Tables folder
  4. Run the SQL in the SPs folder
  5. Run the SQL in the Scripts folder
  6. Parse your logs via the IL2 Log Parser
  7. Run the SP GenerateStats. This generates the mains statistics
  8. Run the SP GenerateStatsKillStreak. This generates Kill Streak information.
  9. The statistics should now have been generated
  10. Create a web site to show the stats or use the IL2 Stats Web project.


The IL2 Stats Project Team and the FightingIrish IL2 Squad.


There are lots of ways to contribute to the project..

You can contribute by reviewing and sending feedback on code checkins, suggesting and trying out new features as they are implemented, submit bugs and help us verify fixes as they are checked in, as well as submit code fixes or code contributions of your own.

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